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Global Warming

Saat ini Global Warming menjadi ancaman serius untuk lingkungan kita . Apakah itu Global Warming ? Global Warming adalah istilah asing untuk pemanasan global , pemanasan global adalah peristiwa menipisnya lapisan ozon di angkasa yang menyebabkan radiasi sinar matahari bisa menembus lapisan ozon dan membuat udara di bumi sekarang ini semakin panas .

Pasti kita bertanya – tanya siapakah penyebab Global Warming ? Ternyata penyebab Global Warming adalah perilaku Read the rest of this entry »

Here is the list of top ten soccer cleats , enjoy ^.^


Umbro SX Valor II HG Soccer Cleats

Playing Surface: Hard and Firm Ground

Weight: 11.2 oz. with PowerPulse Read the rest of this entry »

NEW!!! Leafy seadragon

Named after the dragons of Chinese mythology, Leafy seadragons (Phycodurus eques) resemble a piece of drifting seaweed as they float in the seaweed-filled water. The Leafy seadragon, with green, orange and gold hues along its body, is covered with leaf-like appendages, making it remarkably Read the rest of this entry »

It’s that time of year again. Winter is in his final days (at least that’s what the calendar says), meaning the Champions League knockout stages are here Read the rest of this entry »

Manchester United

Manchester United is my favourite football club ^.^ , so I post about this team here, this team is a very great team , this is the previews of their glory.I hope you enjoy it ^.^

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These are 10 extinct animals: Read the rest of this entry »

In the last couple of years, Tottenham Hotspur were just a mediocre team in theEnglish Premier League. They always finished at the mid of the table. Last year became the turning point of their history when they Read the rest of this entry »